Ability Generation

What calculations are performed based on the attributes that determine racing?

ZED is being developed such that bloodlines, gen type, breed type, ETH won, race gate, and the horses past performance will having weightings attached to them. These weightings will play a part in the calculations that will be used in the racing algorithms. It is also important to note that there may be other performance based metrics that will affect a racehorses performance.

The ability of a racehorse has two separate calculations; one calculation is for Genesis racehorses and the other calculation is for non-Genesis racehorses. The reason for this is because Genesis racehorses do not have ‘parents’, where a non-Genesis racehorse’s ability is derived from its parents. However, the underlying spirit of the formula for both calculations is inherently the same.

Every racehorse is born with a set of characteristics that includes:

  • Distance Preference
  • Gate Preference 
  • Handicap
  • Fatigue Factor


In ZED RUN, there are four (4) bloodlines in total being Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney and Buterin. The Nakamoto bloodline is the most consistent and dominant bloodline whilst the Buterin bloodline can be the most unpredictable performer on the racetrack. 

Therefore, the more sought after a bloodline is, the greater the chance of consistent success and performances your racehorse(s) will have on the racetrack.


Genotype refers to how far away a racehorse is away from its ancestors. What you need to know about genotypes is simple; Z1 is the rarest and gives you the highest chance of having a top performing racehorse(s). Genotypes max out at Z268 meaning, the higher the genotype, the lower the chance the racehorse will possess a strong racing ability.

Breed Type

Breed type is a hierarchy system that is used to broadly reflect genotype. There are six (6) breed types in total which are Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross and Pacer.

Genesis racehorses exist across the Z1 to Z10 genotypes, where only 38,000 are available.