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Finding a Legend


Zed Run is a breeding game with a racing cherry on top.  We breed new horses in hopes that their griffin and class odds is greater than their parents.  There are many strategies and theories to do this moving throughout the Zed community, and this article has a focus on inbreeding.  Let’s take a look at how I find a legendary horse to breed with.  

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Sire Foals

Zed Run tells us that we cannot breed with siblings, but this is deceiving.  IRL horse racing and Zed Run trace lineage through the mare’s bloodline.  Half siblings with the same father are in fact not siblings.  For my example, I will show how I bred Dazzling Dancer (link) from my mare Gazillion.  Dazzling Dancer’s grandfather on both sides of the family tree is Dazzle (link). 

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Stud Farm

The stud farm in Zed Run allows users to search for the sire they desire.  Dazzle’s page shows us all the foals he has produced, and I simply put these names into the search bar in the stud farm.  Only horses that share close lineage to the dam, No Way (link), will be blocked from breeding.  I was able to find Wrath of Grapes in the stud farm and created an inbred Z4 exclusive Nakamoto. 

zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Next Gen Steps

My next goal was to find the owner of the genesis stallion Dazzle.  To do this, I went on Twitter and searched for his stable name.  However, the handle was too general.  Next, I found his wallet in OpenSea and looked for clues.  I was then able to match his OpenSea image to his Twitter handle image and confirm his identity to work together in the future.  


In conclusion, searching the sire line to find breeding options utilizes inbreeding to improve performance.  Siblings are traced through the mare’s bloodline, and half siblings with the same stallion can breed.  Stables can take the next step to find the genesis stallions to breed recursive exclusive and elite mares.

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