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Breeding Opinion

There are many opinions on Zed Run’s pricing for breeding minimums.  Do stables want the price to increase, or decrease?  Different changes for different bloodlines?  This article makes the argument that lower minimums will protect Nakamoto bloodline scarcity.  

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


Let’s begin with a refresher on Zed Run run bloodlines.  There are four within the game and they are Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin.  Their genesis populations have different populations sizes and purities.  When stables breed across bloodlines, the resulting foal take the lower of the two bloodlines.  To create a Nakamoto they must  be bred from Nakamotos, and a Szabos bred with a Buterin will result in a Buterin.  

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zed run breeding horseracing nft horse horses zed
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The total of population of Zed Run genesis Nakamotos is 2,000 horses.  If all genesis breed horses were only to breed with each other for a year, it would result in only a maximum of 12,000 legendary horses added to the ecosystem.  However, we know that not all genesis horses will be bred together each month. Stables will also be breeding genesis horses with legendary, exclusive, and elite breeds.  Additionally, Nakamotos will also be breeding with all other bloodlines.  There will be Szabo, Finney, and Buterin bloodlines that do not retain the Nakamoto name,  but hold the DNA.  

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Zed Run’s racing ecosystem is already seeing interesting results from cross bloodline breeding.  However, how much is too much without pricing out the lower bloodlines.  Would a .45 minimum breeding fee for a Nakamoto genesis be worth the risk of a Buterin cross bloodlines legendary horse?  The argument can be made that a higher minimum would discourage lower bloodlines from risking breeding with an under performing Nakamoto.  The result would be that only Nakamotos would breed with Nakamotos, and would in fact increase the population more than low pricing.  

zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


In conclusion, the Zed Run Nakamoto population has natural scarcity protections due to population size and passing DNA to lower bloodlines.  Out pricing lower bloodlines from buying Nakamoto blood would lessen the bloodline protections.  Lower prices spreads Nakamoto DNA to Szabos, Finnies, and Buterins.


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