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Horse Trader

Breeding Opinion

The rules for breeding have changed quite a bit since the last breeding cycle.  Rule changes need to account for a change in strategy.  The old plan of twins is out, and horse trading could take it’s place.

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One Child Policy

We are now working in the one child policy because mares can only have 1 offspring a month.  This month starts on their mint date and resets the following month on the same day.  Previously, when mares were allotted two offspring a month, many stables had planned to breed and split twin pairs.  This strategy is no longer possible without straddling the mare’s reset date within a stallion’s time in stud service. 

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Trading Partners

My new plan to obtain the DNA I desire is to breed horses within my stable and trade them with a community member.  I will breed Casted (link) with Pandas (link) and leave the offspring unraced and unnamed for trade (thanks Lacy at GlueRacing for the unnamed).  Trading this horse leaves me the original pieces to recreate, but allows both parents DNA into a partner stable.  If both stables trade in this way, they can easily begin to work together going forward.

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Community participation and cooperation will remain key to the dispersion of genetics.  Many stables may not have the available pieces to properly inbreed their horses and the timeline for any plans have at least doubled.  Creating relationships to work with a stable may take months for plans to come to fruition.  

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In conclusion, community participation is always important.  Not only have we been cut to one offspring monthly for mares, but we now have the 30 day puberty period before a foal may breed.  Splitting twins is no longer easily possible for community members, but trading unraced and unnamed horses offers a replacement plan. 

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