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Zed Files: Desert Rose

Zed Files

**Zed-Files is a series that takes a deep-dive into the ancestry of some of the most successful bred horses currently racing on Zed.run. The idea is to learn from these superstars of the track to assist in creating the next champion of your own.**

If you like winning races, you are going to love todays horse, Desert Rose (link). This Z16 Elite Finney Filly has won 294 career races and averages 8.0 or under odds in every single racing distance. Shes won almost 6.5 ETH in her career and her profits are heading towards 3 ETH. Add it all up and if youve ever raced a horse on Zed.run, Desert Rose is what you dreamed your horse would become.

Class 5 Champ

So, lets dig into the 10 horse ancestry that led to the breeding of this Class 5 champion. Like other Zed Files ponies before, Desert Rose is a product of a slanted family tree. Her father is a Z5 Genesis. Bright Flash is a good horse that simply hasnt been run enough to make a true impact on the track. He’s never won a race but has posted odds in the 6-7 range in three of nine races including his Griffin. (Note: Dont look up this horses stable name, its inappropriate.)

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

On the other side, we find three dominant Z1s. Grandeur, Wall Street, and Chase Jackson contributed a combined 18% of Desert Roses DNA at the very top of the tree. Theres one more Z1 in the mix, adding another 6% to the mix, a stallion named Better With Bacon. That horse struggled on the track but has been previously named here in Zed Files as the maternal great great great grandfather of Psyduck(link).

Desert Roses mother, Z11 Elite Finney Raekwon The Chef is anything but a racer. 0 for 28 on the track with an inverted U-Shaped curve that would scare even the newbest newb on Zed. The maternal grandparents are a pair of gigantic horses named Big Red and Big Hammer. Desert Roses grandfather, Big Red, posts an insane 652.63% ROI on 123 races. However, thats amassed to a total of .0248 ETH or $65. Good ole free races. Big Hammers owner on the other hand is a bit more of a gambler. Shes been in 212 races risking almost .5 ETH. Her odds are decent, landing between 10-12 most of the time, but the results havent been as pretty, seeing just a 4% win rate while hitting the podium 27% of the time.

The last two horses on the tree are the great and great great grandmothers, Spellbound and Lovely Witch. Both are good racing horses with the Z2 Lovely Witch outpacing her daughter Spellbound. Lovely Witch, daughter of Wall Street and Chase Jackson is unsurprisingly excellent on the track. Sub-10 odds at six different distances, a win rate over 20%, and a 200+% ROI. Spellbound appeared to be headed that way but classed out. She was consistently sub-10 in Class 2, but cant get much under 13 in Zeds big league. Class 1.

All in All

All in all, Desert Rose is another example of a slanted tree gone right. The Genesis paternal side showed enough promise while the Exclusive maternal side is stacked with Z1’s. If theres ever been a Z16 that you can look at and say, that horse will be great, its Desert Rose, and she did indeed turn out to be.

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