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More Mutations


Mutation in genetic algorithms is tied to population size.  That is why there will be much more mutation for Nakamotos and Szabos bloodlines than Buterins.  The first article (link) covering mutation dives into bloodline theories, however we still need to examine the population growth associated with breeds and mutation. 


Creating a champion Legendary breed horse will be legendarily difficult.  This will prove to be especially true with Nakamotos and Szabos.  The mutation rates associated with Genesis on Genesis breeding will be high, because there is a very scarce population.  Even a population of only 25,000 Buterins is small considering stables could previously breed two horses a mare monthly.  Even with the new addition of the 30 days puberty and the reduction to foal, the Legendary Buterin population has the potential to double the Genesis population in two months.   

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Slower Growth

Before Zed Run implemented the “one child policy” and 30 days puberty, the breeding would have grown exponentially. My breeding experiments (link) would now take me five months rather than 30 minutes.  However, this does not change that there will always be more Legendary horses than Genesis, and likely to be more Exclusives and Elites.  We will continue to breed into the family trees adding new horses to the ecosystem down the breed matrix.  

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

All About the Pop

We have reviewed that mutation in genetic algorithms is tied to population size, and that population size will only grow for breeds outside of genesis.  With this knowledge, it is presumable that moving down the breeds should also lessen mutation because there will naturally be a larger population.  The mutation required to create a Legendary breed horse will always be high because the scarce Genesis populations built into the game.  This mutation ensures that all genetic possibilities are discovered in the 1 and 0s.

Wrap It Up

To wrap up this article, we should always remember that mutation is tied to population size.  Stables should safely assume that moving down the breeds will lower mutation because the population size of those breeds will continue to grow.  There are other avenues to mutation, with Z# being possibly accounted for. Z# would still follow the same logic presented in this article, because the higher Z# population will also continue to grow with time.  

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