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To Hodl or Not to Hodl


Few beliefs are commonly held in Zed Run, but one is that unraced Genesis horses will continue to gain value over time.  I am no longer so sure.  I agree scarcity will grow value, but it is important to consider any negatives to hodling.  This article examines why it may be time to race you horses.  

zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


Scarcity is a strong characteristic behind most NFT projects. The belief that scarcity will only grow for unraced Genesis horses is true.  Every time a Genesis horse enters a griffin race, the supply will continue to diminish. I will never be contrary to that fact. I, personally, have raced all my horses to better discover traits in their performance.  However,  should competition also be viewed in growing scarcity?

Bred Horses

Bred horses in Zed Run are already making a dramatic impact on gameplay.  This was only after one breeding cycle, and I am already considering retiring Supreme Polarity because of the stiff competition.  I will be hard pressed to race against 20 Steph Currys, Pinkmans, and Vanilla Beans each.  This will make testing unraced Genesis horses in two or three years very difficult to evaluate.  The field will be so advanced, will Genesis be too old to find a champion? 


There are always solutions that are possible within the Zed Run game system.  Currently, we are all racing on the same track on sunny days and in straight lines.  The added variations to the game will give horses new advantages that they did not have before.  It will also dampen the performance of some of today’s best race horses.  Additionaly, the game may offer Genesis breed races only.  It should be well within a racetrack owner’s rights to choose that racing restriction.


In conclusion, it is true that the scarcity built into the Genesis breed horses will only continue to grow value.  However, there may be a point of negative returns.  When the field is so advanced in the breeding process, will there be racing available to truly test Genesis horses?  If I am considering benching Supreme Polarity, so the future field of competition should be considered in the hodl game. 


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