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Zed Run Breeding Update

Breeding Theory

There are many opinions on the recent update to Zed Run’s breeding system. There is a lot to unpack, and I’m sure that my opinion will adjust with new information.  However, at this point I am happy with the simplicity and impact of the current update.  Let’s jump in.

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Breeding and the timeline of Zed Run are intertwined.  The computational time associated with Zed Run’s genetic algorithm is most likely associated to generational success.  Zed Run has exploded in popularity, and it is fully plausible that the excess of new stables requires halving the offspring count.  The plans that stables have can still be the same, just on a longer timeline.


Essentially, the Zed Run team has introduced puberty to the ecosystem.  Where we could once fold family trees together in an instance, we now how to wait twice the time and half the chance.  Zed horses now have to wait one full breeding cycle (one month on the mint date) to breed.  This is the most successful adjustment by the Zed team.  Before, there wasn’t a 30 day puberty to slow down the breeding process.  This allowed me to create the below tree with twins in less than 30 minutes. 

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Whale Tailing

Without the additional 30 day puberty, the whale tail of crypto could crash the market at a whim.  Many stables hodl over 100 horses, and could breed limitlessly to flood the market.  The one month puberty stops this torrential flood.  I have less than 20 genesis horses, and the above example still would of taken me 5 months.  Horse puberty slows the crashing waves of crypto whales.  

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Without the ease of breeding twins, it will be increasingly important to work with the community and, now, trade horses. Since we are only able to breed 1 time per month with a mare, we can trade offspring strategically with community members.

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In this example, both stables own a colt and a mare and trade offspring by the mare lineage.  Now, both stables are still able to breed their owned horses to breed with the traded DNA horses.  This will help the community family tree.

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Stallion Style

Stallion style breeding is still the best way to achieve twins of controlled variables.  Stallion style is when a stable times the monthly reset of the mares breeding cycle within the 7 day stud time of a stallion.  An example is shown below.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Even though we don’t have the ability to create twins immediately, we do still have the opportunity to time appropriately.  Stallion style still offers stables the chance to work together and split offspring.  


In conclusion, I am happy with the changes to the breeding system.  I feel it makes it more fair to the average stable, and stymies the forces of whales.  The extended timeline is not a deterrence, but an invitation to find a better path.  

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