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What’s in a Name


One of the few agreeable areas within the Zed Run community is that names are important. A good name can easily make a poor racing horse more desirable.  But, how important are they?  There are many theories swirling surrounding genesis breed names.  It seems appropriate to dive into my conspiracy theory for Supreme Polarity.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Tough Decisions

Purchasing Supreme Polarity was a major decision for me within the NFT space.  I am a traditional fungible cryptocurrency investor, and NFTs were always on my radar but I had never made a large purchase.  Supreme Polarity is a genesis Z2, and at the time of purchase was 37 times the price of a z10.  It was a difficult argument to make that she would be more uniuqe than one of those 37 Buterins.  To help make the decision, I researched her name.    

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

The Google Box

As one does, my first stop was a Google search for “Supreme Polarity”.  The first page found is the Wikipedia page for Taiji Philosophy (link).  Taiji Philosophy originates from China and ties to the idea of ying and yang within the world.  Taiji’s literal translation can be Supreme Polarity.  Being that I studied and lived in China this is a great horse for me, but looking at Zed Run takes me to a conspiratorial place. 


My conspiracy theory surrounds China and Hong Kong.  I am not a fan of coincidence, and even more so when I see a pattern.  The genetic algorithm was written in Hong Kong and it is a bit of a coincidence that the the literal translation of Taiji is Supreme Polarity.  However, Supreme Polarity’s coat color is also China Rose (link).  Additionally, Supreme Polarity is one of the best odds performing horses in the game. Often swapping best odds with Breathless Edge (link). 


In conclusion, I have a theory that some horses are named purposely assigned.  Supreme Polarity being China Rose coat color, the genetic algorithm coming from Hong Kong, the translation of Taiji being Supreme Polarity, and her being one of the best horses in the game is too many coincidences.  I am excited to see what the community finds in their horse’s names!

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