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Zed Files: Pinkman

Zed Files

**Zed-Files is a series that takes a deep-dive into the ancestry of some of the most successful bred horses currently racing on Zed.run. The idea is to learn from these superstars of the track to assist in creating the next champion of your own.**

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

The U-nicorn

If you like U-Shape performing horses, youve come to the right place looking into Pinkman. Pinkman has come in first or last 40% of his 1130 races. He’s wrecked fields in Classes 2, 3, 4, and 5 and while generating a negative ROI, still boasts average odds between 7 and 8 at every distance in Class 1. He comes with an absurd 10.57 ETH ($35,700) winning mark and hes netted a profit that will surely cross 5 ETH ($16,900) by the end of the month, maybe the week.

Family Tree

So, whats the family tree look like? Pretty stacked if you ask me.

It starts with a pair of humble parents. Pinkmans father, the tremendously named Scrooge McDuck, has raced 7 times in his career, not once entering a single paid race. While Pinkmans mama, Cyptonaute has made a living in the free race universe, running 98% of her races at $0 entry. Free race results are always tough to gauge due to the wild variance of horse skill in each race. However, Crytonaute has pulled in 22 free race wins and added another 50 podium appearances for a show percentage of 31%. Scrooge McDuck hasnt quite lived up to the gif gallery bearing his name though. 7 races, 0 wins. For a Z3 Exclusive and a Z4 Legendary, theres not much to make one expect Pinkman to come sprinting out of the womb.

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One generation up offers a mixed bag of three grandparents. Scrooge McDucks father, or Pinkmans grandfather, is the one and only, Billions. Yes, that Billions, the newsmaking horse that sold for 73 ETH ($249,000).

As for the maternal grandparents, ones a winner and ones not. Glorious Hero, a Z2 Genesis, has raked in more than 1 ETH in profit winning 11% of his 300+ races and hitting the podium in one out of every three races. Mercury Rising, however, another Z2 Genesis, would have gotten a trip straight to the glue factory if breeding wasn’t an option. Just 1 win in 104 races earned Pinkmans grandmother a whopping -78.15% ROI in 5 months of racing.

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Finally, its the great grandparents that build off BillionsDNA to help contribute to the great Pinkman. Wall Street, a Zed Files! regular is about as dominant a Z1 as they come and Chase Jackson’s a Z1 mare who has sired 10 Z2s and is currently on sale for the bargain bin price of 250 ETH ($854,000).

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


In the end, Pinkmans DNA is rich of excellent racers despite being born from a mother and father that between them are still searching for that first paid race victory. Pinkman is the prototype for seeking out grandparents and great grandparents with stellar racing ability while finding a father that was likely more affordable in the stud. Of course, they dont all come out like Pinkman. Of his 8 half-siblings, 4 from each side, just one other horse has earned more than 0.1 ETH in profit. Sorry, not every lottery ticket hits the mega bucks.

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