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Zed Files: Steph Curry

Zed Files

**Zed-Files is a series that takes a deep-dive into the ancestry of some of the most successful bred horses currently racing on Zed.run. The idea is to learn from these superstars of the track to assist in creating the next champion of your own.**

Steph from Downtown

Recently, Steph Curry, a Z13 Elite Buterin with a rating of 2 entered a $500 Class 1 race. Not only did this horse belong in the race, pulling 10.60 odds, but it went on to finish 2nd netting about $1500. This pushed Steph Curry’s winnings over the 7 ETH mark with profits nearing 3 ETH.

The craziest part of all of this, not a single horse in Steph Curry’s lineage is dominant. Let’s go through it.


First off, the horse itself, Steph Curry is a Z13 Elite Buterin born from Z4 Nakamoto and Z9 Buterin parents. His father, I Have Spoken, has a -35% ROI in 26 races and seen sub-10 odds in just two races in its lifetime. The normal average odds for I Have Spoken are much closer to 20 than 10. Steph Curry’s mother, Closer To The Truth (link), is a Genesis horse that has also had limited success on the track. She started her racing career with a miserable 18.98 in the Griffin Race and then backed it up with 14 consecutive races with odds over 12. She’s won just one race in her 30 race career.

The extended lineage shows a lot more promise based on Z# but nothing that indicates a future offspring as dominant as Steph Curry. There are three horses on the paternal side, one grandmother, a great grandfather and great grandmother. The grandmother is a Z2 Genesis horse that has 16 races under her belt without a victory. She’s been on the podium five times, or 31% of the time, but the non-Griffin race odds are not promising. Prophesy (link) ran in three Griffin races with odds of 4.55, 7.44, and 8.38, but since has never seen another race in the single digits.

The great grandparents are each Z1’s. Each put up spectacular numbers in their Griffin races. 6.23 for the male, Underhanded (link), and 6.37 for the female, Can’t See The Finish Line (link). Both hit the podium in the Griffin class, but the success has been limited since with the majority of races coming prior to February 2021. Sub-10 odds have been rare for both horses, especially in Class 1. Can’t See The Finish Line has performed above her odds, winning 5 of 42 races and making money in 36%. Underhanded has not had the same success.


What we can gather from the lineage of Steph Curry is that there’s so much more to the breeding algorithm than simply finding winners to breed with. Sure, there is some promise in Steph Curry’s family tree, but nothing to make you believe a Z13 Elite Buterin will earn $25,000 worth of prize money in less than 1,000 races.

Steph Curry proves that anything’s possible, and he also proves that once the breeding barn reopens, the next gem is out there. On April 11th, 2021, Steph Curry sold on OpenSea for 0.07 ETH, he’s won 100x that amount on the track. Give me this Steph Curry over anything they are selling over there at TopShot any day.

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