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How to Play Zed Run Like an NBA GM


*Disclaimer – This article is designed to express my opinion on how I play the game. I am not giving professional advice or telling you how to play the game. Only you can do that. 

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Breeding Game

If you’re a fan of the articles on Zed Gazette and you follow the musings from the Zed Gazette Team (ZGT), then you already know how important we believe breeding is to this game.  We have said it before, and I will go ahead and say it again, “ZED RUN IS GAME OF BREEDING!” Simply put, the best way to build a Championship caliber stable is no different then building a   Championship caliber NBA or NFL team.  You must look at breeding like the NBA or NFL Draft, and your goal is to slowly improve the quality of your team with every move.  Ok so now the fun question, how does this apply to Zed Run? 

Draft Day

If you have read my previous articles on stable building(link), then you already know where we are heading. It all begins with the foundation or core horses that allow you to mix and match DNA in the future. My advice is starting your stable with 4 Genesis Fillies ( or Mares) and Colt of the same bloodline.  Genesis horses can be thought of as 1st or 2nd round picks in the NBA draft. 

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

These horses are going to be a big part of your stable, and they will naturally be the most expensive horses to acquire on the market.  This will give you plenty of options for building in the future and it also allows you to control the newly generated DNA in your stable. The value of holding mostly mares is it allows you to source the Colts from the stud market for new DNA which opens up new opportunities.  

Build Squad

Once you have added your core horses, you have to start thinking like a great GM (Donnie Nelson Dallas Mavericks) and add horses that fit your squad.  The next stage of your stable build is the rest of the stable by breeding these Genesis horses together, which could involve breeding the Colt against all of the Fillies. 

It’s easy to think of this as your middle round draft picks, and they don’t all have to be great on the racetrack because some of them will produce racing horses too.  My advice (and that of the entire ZGT) is to “double tap” the mares to create a set of twin Legendary descendants. Going into more detail on the value of twins and is out of scope in this article, but it is converted to an article on this Zed Gazette site.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette
zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Once you have accomplished adding your Genesis and Legendary horse, then you can start thinking of adding additional pieces via free agency by breeding your Genesis Mares against other stable’s Colts on the stud market.  This can be thought of as spending the money to bring in a free agent to add to your club a little spark to your club.

zedrun zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Champion Plans

Zed Run is a very exciting game, but there is a little bit of an art to build a Championship caliber stable.  I think it is incredibly important to have a plan and stick to it, much like an NBA or NFL GM.  Following my advice will allow you to limit the capital spent and have a plan for the next steps of your breeding plan, which allows you to improve the quality of your stable over time.  After all, won’t we all love adding ‘lil fire from NFT hell like Steph Curry or Vanilla Bean to our squad??  As always, Zed On y’all!      


Visit our about page to learn more the team, check out top articles, and download our racetrack performance tracking template.  Good luck on the on the track, Zed Heads!  Please leave any questions in the comments below!  Any additional information will be on the Zed Community site!

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