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Raiders of the Lost Horse

It’s true, Zed Run horses will never die.  But, can they “die”?  We all know the stories of lost bitcoins, corrupted hard drives, and the endless tales of loss that surround cryptocurrencies.  How can we apply these lessons to stable management and horse ownership?  This article will take a look at the consequences of “lost” […]

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Keeping It Exclusive

A question heard form the community often is, how do we value bred horses.  Honestly, it isn’t a science and is determined by the purchasers perceived value.  How do we know how much an offspring from Breathless Edge should cost with 35+ odds?   Is this offspring for collecting, racing, breeding?   This article is to take […]

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Color Time

There is a lot to be said about color and breeding in Zed Run.  Most breeding theories pull ideas from the formulas provided by the Zed team.  This article is to take a closer look at what we can learn from the color breeding formula. The Formula In Zed Run, we are on a path […]

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Breeding Mutants

Mutants are a natural part of evolution, and have helped species grow and diversify overtime.  Similarly, genetic algorithms often require mutation rates to explore all available genomes.  Zed Run has four bloodlines with different populations, and each will a different level of mutation.   Population Size The population size of each bloodline will impact the mutation […]

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