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Tiering Up

Opinion Theory

There is a lot of talk about odds, and that the community thinks there may need to be some changes.  Before all that, we need to discuss the tiers of horses built into the game.  Similar to the color chart that features super rare, rare, and common colors, there is also three tiers of genesis horses in the game.  These tiers determine a range of odds for a horse, and flex depending on how many tiers are present in a race.  This article will explain the odds, and their importance to the provably fair game associate with Zed.  

zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette

Zested and Tested

The Zest platform is currently hosted on NEAR protocol, and provides the odds for stable owners.  It has been said that the odds are pulled from 10,000 simulations, but I prefer to view the odds as the overall breeding fitness of a horse.  The lower the odds the more desirable the underlying DNA is for breeding.  These odds are also used to create a provably fair game that allows Zed Run to eventually find it’s way into Las Vegas with Atari Hotels.  Without Zed Run being provably fair, it dramatically hinders the future potential of the game.  Gambling provides the fire that grows IRL horseracing, and Zed will benefit in the same fashion.  The odds provide the morning line that will be adjusted to casinos when the Zest platform is sold to them.

zed run nft gaming zedgazette gazette


Every horse has an underlying score associated with them that is used in the odds and the provably fair game.  The genesis horses have 3 tiers, similar to the tiers used in the coat color chart below.  Nakamotos has more tier 1 horses than tier 3, and the Buterin bloodline is mostly tier 3 horses.  Each tier has it’s own range of value, as well.  Barok, Supreme Polarity, Breathless Edge, Ducky Mallan, Rendezvous Peak are all front end tier 1 horses, and are some of the best in the game.  Zombie Boy and Tycoon Jewel are both front end tier one horses, but not on the same level as the aforementioned.  

Tier Ranges

The three tiers have ranges of odds associated with them, and perform differently depending on how many tiers are in a race.  A race that has two tier 1 horses and ten tier 2 horses will allow the tier 1 horses to have lower odds than if the entire field was tier 1 horses.  When the large influx of new players joined the game and races were filled with even tiers, we saw Ducky Mallon and Grandeur pushed to odds that were very atypical.  These pushed odds are because the field was more balanced with a larger number of tier 1 horses present.  The same is associated with tier 3 horses.  Below is an example of a tier 3 Buterin I own that helped me find the tiers.  

Charged Up is a front end tier 3 horse, because in a race of her peer tier 3 horses she can pull a 4.25.  This makes it very difficult to judge a horse as a dud so quickly, especially for breeding fitness.  Expectations need to be set for the tier and bloodline you are working with.

In Conclusion

Odds are better viewed as the underlying value of the DNA possessed by a horse than it’s chances of winning a race.  Currently, with the straight tracks and sunny days it does make it easier to measure the tier of a horse, or as I have called it in the past: “T-Score”.  These odds are crucial for the progress of the game as they are tied to the underlying provably fair aspect of Zed Run that will allow us to watch our ponies in Las Vegas.  This is a breeding game, and the breeding glitch showed us there are many tiers left to be unlocked. 

Visit our about page to learn more the team, check out top articles, and download our racetrack performance tracking template.  Good luck on the on the track, Zed Heads!  Please leave any questions in the comments below!  Any additional information will be on the Zed Community site!

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