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Twin Hunters

Breeding Theory

Breeding twins is an important part of exploring Zed Run’s genetic algorithm.  It offers the chance to compare mutation rates and crossover pattern variables.  Additionally, twins offer the chance to create cousin lines of genetic descent.  Collecting twins off the best horses in the game offers new stable ownesr a chance to compete with the best horses in the game.

Twins Review

It is very important to build cousin lines in Zed Run so stables are able to create inbred family trees.  The chart below creates an easy visual for stables to understand the importance of the great grandparents coming from the genesis breed horses.  In horseracing, it is traditional in the history of breeding to create cousin lines to breed for common family genetic traits.  Zed Run stables should employ this same plan.


Finding twins from past breeding cycles in an additional way to collect DNA for identical by decent cousin lines.  For this example we will be looking at Breathless Edge (link) and his offspring.  First, offspring are listed in the chronological order in which they were bred.  That means twins born within the same breeding cycle should be listed next to each other with the same Z#.  

We can see in this example, that not many of the horses are consecutively the same Z#, and are unlikely to be twins.  On closer examination, you can find that Spankem (link) and Breathless Aquamarine(link) are siblings from the same parents but bred in different breeding cycles.  We can see this in the mint number of the horse in the URL.

There is still discovery to be done on the differentiating value of horses born from different breeding cycles, but from the same parents.  Zed Run stables will need to test siblings born in the same breeding cycle to siblings born at a different times to compare inbreeding value.  An example within Breathless Edge’s family tree of twins born in the same breeding cycle is Breathless Sprit(link) and RAM(link).   As seen below, their mint numbers are consecutive meaning they were born back to back.  


Breeding twins not only gives us an opportunity to evaluate the genetic algorithm for mutation and crossover, but it gives us an chance to build cousin lines for inbreeding. We do not know if siblings born in the same breeding cycle are more valuable than twins, and that answer will come from the discovery of Zed’s community.  IRL horseracing is a thoroughly bred thoroughbred horse game, where almost 500,000 horses are linked to 28 dominant horses and 1 super stud (link).  Zed Run stable owners should apply the same lessons of historical horse breeding to their Zed breeding strategy.

Visit our about page to learn more the team, check out top articles, and download our racetrack performance tracking template.  Good luck on the on the track, Zed Heads!  Please leave any questions in the comments below!  Any additional information will be on the Zed Community site!

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  1. Very interesting article! I’ve only got one for now, but I can’t wait to start building my stable and learn the mechanics!!

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