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Greek Advice To Stable Construction


*Disclaimer: I am not providing professional advice.  I am just describing how I would play Zed Run in these hypothetical situations. 

Considering Zed Run is a game of skill, owning and managing a stable is critical to long term success.  I think it is important to share information that can provide an overview on how to construct a stable for newer players to the game.  It is important to have a clear answer to the following questions:

  • What is my overall budget and/or how much am I willing to contribute to this game?
  • Do I want my stable to focus investing / collecting , racing, or breeding?
  • What are my short and long term goals?

Budget Considerations

zedrun zed run gazettte zedgazette nft gaming strategy breeding

It is important to consider how much money you’re willing into investing into the game and how much you would consider contributing in the future.  Having clear answers to these questions lend greatly to answering the rest of the questions.  Market prices for Zed Run horses vary greatly on rarity, racetrack performance, breeding history, and lineage.  Genesis horses will always hold intrinsic value because they are the original horses and the value of DEZ is tied to them.  The bloodlines of these horses are the largest factor in price because rarity is a major factor.  

My simple guidelines follow, if you’re willing to spend upfront $5K-$25K on horses, and continue to contribute hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, then you’re the type of owner who should consider the bloodlines Nakamotos and Szabos.  If the answer to the last questions is a hard f*ck no, then you should focus on the bloodlines Fineys and Buterins.  Breeding is a big part of the game, and the prices for adding new horses to your stable is highly dependent on bloodline.

Know Thyself: Investor, Racer, Breeder

The Greek maxim, “Know Thyself,” makes a case for understanding your motivations and a person to help define a path for your future.  In Zed Run, it is very important to consider your long term motivations.  Do you want to be an investor, racer, or breeder?  It is alright to say, “a combination of the three,” but you need to focus your energy on one of these pillars.

Investor / Collector

This type of stable owner needs to focus solely on buying Genesis Zed Run horses.  These are the only horses of value to the type of owner.  I would recommend buying Z8s-Z10s due to their lower price and availability.  The race performance isn’t going to be very important to this type of owner, but color rarity will be more important to them.


This type of owner is solely focused on running paid race screamers!!! It’s a simple game, put the best horses in races and let them do what they do.  This type of owner should buy any horses that perform on the track, and they should be prepared to pay a premium.  In this World, you got to pay to play, but hey I heard Queen was for sale.  Just a rumor though. 🙂  

zedrun zed run gazette nft gaming horses horseracing


This type of owner is focused on starting small with a few quality horses, and growing their stable over time utilizing the game’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) to produce more horses in the game.  This type of owner needs to really determine what their budget looks like to select bloodlines.  My recommendation to new Breeders is to focus on Buterins before moving onto other bloodlines.  They are the lowest cost and this bloodline is the easiest to breed with respect to mutation in the GA.  I would also recommend prioritizing quality mares or colts, always breeding twins off, and don’t sell any of your horses.  Stables that focus on breeding understand and appreciate the value of the DNA in this game. 

zed run breeding zedrun gazette nft gaming horses horseracing

Long Term Goals

This is the hardest question for new stable owners to answer, but it is important to start thinking about it once you get really into the Zed Run.  You have to start to consider your long term goals. 

  • Are you looking to buy some horses today, hodl them for big gains, and sell in the future?  If so, then I would consider the path of an investor / collector.
  • Are you looking to make a splash on the track and hopefully add some WETH to your wallet? If so, then you consider the path of a Racer.
  • Are you looking to grow and build a dynasty? If so, then consider the path of a Breeder.
zedrun zed run gazette gaming nft strategy breeding


Zed Run is a new and exciting game, but there is a cost associated with playing.  The sooner you can answer what your short & long term goals are and how much you’re willing to spend to get there.  The sooner the optimal path as a stable owner presents itself.  As for myself, I am setting in for the long run, and I am looking forward to the excitement to come.  Just remember to “Know Thyself” and Zed on!

Visit our about page to learn more the team, check out top articles, and download our racetrack performance tracking template.  Good luck on the on the track, Zed Heads!  Please leave any questions in the comments below!  Any additional information will be on the Zed Community site!

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