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One in a Billion

Opinion Theory

The expression “One in a Billion” is used from time to time, but have you ever really asked yourself what does that even mean?  The expression is often used to define a rare or extraordinary event or object.  The Zed Gazette Team (ZGT) believes that the digital racehorses of Zed Run are unique and truly one in a Billion. ZGT is proposing the Billions Theory, which describes the length of the horse’s DNA structure and how the game’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) constructs the DNA of newly bred horses.

The figure displays how Zed Run’s GA is using two point crossover genetic and uniform crossover for racehorse characteristics. For the scope of this posting, ZGT will gloss over the details of crossover and mutation, but it is the belief of the team that the DNA that represents the racehorse characterics are the length of 2^30 bits long or 1 BILLION!! If this is the case, then each of the hoses will be unique. It also means that the DNA of the horses will be carried into future generations of the horses of the game, and this will ensure a lively breeding community for many more decades to come! At ZGT, we think this is only the beginning of what could be an epic crypto gaming experience.

zed run billions theory breeding genetic algo

We also believe the Zed Run Development team has been tipping their hand by posting the following article in both Medium and Zed Community that says, “We are excited to announce that Billions, a super rare ZED racehorse.”  Billions has also got the special art treatment by the Zed Run Team for marketing campaigns, and I have heard from the Community that he got his own special color. After making this observation, the ZGT started to ask ourselves, “Why is this horse so special and how can this be related to the Game’s GA?” We are also looking forward to sharing much more information on inner-workings on the GA used by Zed Run, and we will continue to exhaustively look for information to share with the Community.  As always, Good day Zedders!

zed run nft breeding genetics gaming horseracing

Authored by Dr. Ian (twitter).  

Visit our about page to learn more the team, check out top articles, and download our racetrack performance tracking template.  Good luck on the on the track, Zed Heads!  Please leave any questions in the comments below!  Any additional information will be on the Zed Community site!

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