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How are the Odds?


The most common question from new stables is, “is my horse good?”.  The best way to answer that question is to look at the odds.  But, not all odds are created equally.  This article will take a closer look at how to value the odds against the field of competition.

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The Competition

The odds off the race is a measurement of each horse against each other.  Have an average of 8 odds is good, but it does not paint the whole picture needed to value a horse correctly.  Currently, the odds range from roughly 2 to 60.  Zed Run stable owners should always look at more than their own horse in the race, and account for the odds full range.  


Life is always better with visuals, and these examples should help explain how not all odds are created equally. 

In this first example, you can see a good range of odds from 6 to 31.  Lunch Money’s 6.02 odds in gate 7 is good odds.  Odds around 6 will always be good odds to have, but there are no horses pushing into the high 30s or 40s.  This score of 6 is not as valuable as a horse that has odds of 6 with horses also carrying 45.  

In this example, it is easy to see the higher value of Social Influence’s 5.33 in gate 10, when there is a 45.55 in gate 3.  Additionally, you can see a stronger distribution of scores above 10 compared to the first example.   Social Influencer’s 5.33 odds are well earned and is a valuable horse.  

Breeding Odds

The ZG interpretation of odds is that they are a scoring of the underlying racehorse DNA.  These odds act as a fitness score, and should be the measurement of what is most desirable to breed with.  The odds of the offspring bred by stables will act as a measurement of their breeding prowess.   Collecting the best twins from genesis horses is the start of building the future champion lines.  


In conclusion, it is always good to have low odds.  It is important to measure those odds against the range off odds the competition is presenting.  Not all average 6 odds are created equally, and finding the best 6 odds horses will prove to bring success in family trees.   Horses with bad odds may still have their day when we have more conditions than sunny days and straight line races.

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  1. I was wondering why my horse wasn’t winning the percentage it’s odds were saying. Interesting read

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