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Raiders of the Lost Horse


It’s true, Zed Run horses will never die.  But, can they “die”?  We all know the stories of lost bitcoins, corrupted hard drives, and the endless tales of loss that surround cryptocurrencies.  How can we apply these lessons to stable management and horse ownership?  This article will take a look at the consequences of “lost” horses.

Dude, Where's My Keys?

Stables can lose a horse if it is accidently sent to a wrong address, or OpenSea lists the wrong horse, but these horses are not lost to the game. If a stable owner loses the 12 word key to their wallet, they will no longer be able to access these horses.  These horses are no longer accessible and could be considered “dead” to the game. To be clear, it is on each stable to manage their keys safely and securely.  Horses being “dead” to the game can have a dramatic impact on game play, especially with genesis horses. 

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Consequently, if a horse is “dead” to the game, we will have to value the remaining offspring differently.  Breathless Edge has an abundance of offspring but that may not be the case in the future.  If Breathless Edge were to “die” in the game, his offspring count may seem miniscule in 10 years.  Since genesis horses are the building blocks of the genetic algorithm, the remaining offspring will be highly coveted due to new found scarcity. 

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In conclusion, everyone please take good care of your keys!!  We do not want to lose horses and let them “die” to the game.  The genesis genetics are very important and never can be reproduced.  If the dam or sire of your legendary horse “dies”, keep that in mind when pricing stud fees and secondary market sales. The ZG team will be hunting for lost arcs!  Stay safe everyone!  

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  1. This is such a great article! It reminds us just how important it is to be responsible and keep track of our wallets to ensure we are able to get back in the game and keep the horses “alive”. As stated, a “dead” horse could impact the game in bad ways especially if they are Genesis horses. We must all do our part to make sure we keep access to our wallets to limit this as much as possible for sure.

    Twitter: Zorphzy

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