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Zed Run is a game of discovery, and any details we have need to be explored.  One of these details is the griffin race.  What is a griffin race?  Why are we using griffin races, rather than maiden races?  This article will take a dive into the griff.

Hong Kong

Griffin races find their home in Hong Kong, and feature two or three year old horses that have been imported to the island unraced.  They are comparable to maiden races and feature horses without wins.  Griffin races are notoriously difficult for handicappers because of limited information, and often pedigree is the most deciding factor.  There are two tracks in Hong Kong, and feature a party atmosphere with flowing cheap draft beer.

zed run racehorses genetic algorithm hong kong

Griff Life

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This description of a typical griffin horse’s life can give us insights to possible horse destinies within Zed Run.  In a recent Clubhouse discussion, Doofy from Doofy Racing made a great point about breeding horses.  He made the point that a bred horse has the performance of their parents minted into their DNA.  Perhaps, horses reach a negative return on performance in breeding if their records are not protected.  This is reflective of a broodmare’s life.  Also, NFT collectors may be the horse lovers mentioned that buy horses not meant for the track.  

Who Cares

The genetic algorithm used in Zed Run is from a statistician in the Hong Kong Jockey club, and understanding Hong Kong racing will give us insights into the game.  Also, I believe that the largest volume gambler in the world is the partner of the individual in Hong Kong.  If so, this further adds depth to the bags behind this game and makes for an interesting backstory.  click.

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