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Breeding Mutants

Breeding Theory

Mutants are a natural part of evolution, and have helped species grow and diversify overtime.  Similarly, genetic algorithms often require mutation rates to explore all available genomes.  Zed Run has four bloodlines with different populations, and each will a different level of mutation.  

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Population Size

The population size of each bloodline will impact the mutation rates associated.  Genesis Nakamotos and Szabos only have a population of 2,000, and Finneys number at 9,000.  Buterins, on the other hand, have a genesis supply of 25,000.  Genesis Z10 Buterins alone have a population that is larger than all Finneys at 10,000.  It can be safely assumed that the mutation rate for Nakamotos and Szabos to be at least 5x to 10x that of Buterins.  Finney mutation rates will find themselves between the Buterins and Nakamotos/Szabos.

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Easier to Breed

Zed Run’s team has posted numerous articles stating it is “easier” to breed Buterins, but what does this mean?  How can one horse be easier to breed than another?  This “easier” breeding is because the mutation rate on the Buterins is the lowest of the four bloodlines.  This means you have a much higher likelihood that your bred Buterins will have similar attributes to their parents, and much more difficult to pass good DNA in Nakamotos and Szabos.  This makes breeding a champion Buterin is much easier than the other bloodlines.


Lower mutation rates should also assist with inbreeding.  The point of inbreeding is to stack already desirable DNA, and fits perfecting with the name thoroughbred horses.  If offspring are more similar to their parents because of smaller mutation rates, then adding these traits during inbreeding should also be “easier” as well.  Everyone loves a thoroughly inbred horse.

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