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Why Twins

Breeding Theory

Previously, we started taking a look at ZG’s breeding theory. For a quick recap, I am bullish on mares being dominant for inheritance of performance DNA, inbreeding is a good thing, and twins are the way to go. This article will take a closer look at why twins are important for all stables.  You can catch up on the previous breeding article here.

What We Know

What we know.. isn’t much.  Breeding experimentation will require a bit of the scientific method, and we will need to control as many variables as possible.  Twins gives us one of the few chances in this game to examine breeding by comparison.  In the past, I bred  twins from two horses with the same distance preference.  From these twins, I was able to notice that distance changed for only one offspring.  Additionally, their profiles were drastically different.  Breeding twins will give us insights into the genetic algorithm used in breeding.  When breeding twins, stables will need to note what changes and learn from that experience. 

zed run twins breeding theory

What are Twins?

This may seem to be a simple question, but it can easily have two answers.  Mares are only able to have two offspring each breeding cycle, but are twins bred from different breeding cycles equal comparisons?  I have reason to believe that these two offspring from the mare act as Schrodinger’s horse.  It may be very difficult to compare individual twins from different breeding cycles, but it will be extremely valuable to compare twin sets from different breeding cycles.  To clarify, a singe horse born form the same parents in the mares February breeding cycle may not be a good comparison to a single horse from the same parents in the March cycle.  However, it is highly valuable to compare a February twin set with a March twin set from the same parents.  These are the most valuable points of comparison the community can currently make in breeding.

Stallion Style

Stallions will also offer opportunities to look closely at twins.  The test I am most excited for is to breed twins at the end of a mare’s breeding cycle on a stallion, and then to breed an additional set of twins the next day.  This allows stables to compare twins from two individual breeding cycles against a stallions single breeding.  This may allow us to breed more effectively with stallions by understanding their genetic migration strategies.  

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2 thoughts on “Why Twins

  1. Thanks for putting all this information. To clarify, are you calling twins –
    Twins – two individual horses with the same parents bread in two seperate trasactions? So these are technically siblings.?

    I just did not see a “twin” option when at the stud farm. Is it an option?

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