What is Provably Fair


How do you trust the games you play online to be provably fair? When you gamble in online, casinos can promise that their games are fair and cannot be changed, but how do you know? Finally, using Blockchain technology we are able to create provably fair gambling that the players can trust.

What Games?

There are many provably fair games out there, and not just ones you can find in casinos. Provably fair also benefits giveaways, contests, and treasure hunts. Last year Disney’s Dragonchain hosted a treasure hunt through Discovery Science channel during a blockchain focused series (link). In a casino, there are many games that can be provably fair such as dice, blackjack, roulette, and video poker.


Provably fair games use random number generators, server and client seeds, a nonce, and an open source algorithm. When a game is created, a seed is generated by the games server, and client seeds are created by the players device. These seeds are then encrypted for privacy and displayed as a hash. A Nonce can simply mean how many bets are placed in a game, perhaps 12 horses  lined up in a row behind a gate? Or, perhaps a random assortment of numbers and letters?

Using these seeds, nonce, and an application built to verify the public algorithm(link), users are able to verify the games results.

So What?

Why does this matter for Zed Run and the racehorses we all love? Well, we are playing a provably fair game and for gambling.

Truly understanding the game will make for better stable owners.  The graphics are merely a representation of this provably fair game.  Also, Atari has a great partnership with Decentral Games, with the backing from Grayscale Bitcoin(link), to build casinos in Decentraland. It would seem safe to assume that these games will also flow over into the estates owned by Atari in Sandbox. More importantly, Nevada State Gaming Commission has these requirements:


Who wants to go to Atari hotel in Las Vegas(link), and not gamble on their horses at the AR glass track? For Zed Run to overtake IRL, they will need this licensing for growth.  Being provably fair is one of the most important aspects of Zed Run.

Visit our about page to learn more about the team, and download our racetrack performance excel template.


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