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Assessing Horse Value


So much of the community is asking for help assessing a horses value that I need to share a general assessment.  

Coat Color

Color is important because of the rarity associated. There are 3 levels of coat color rarity which are super rare, rare, and common.  The number associated with each color is the how many Nakamoto Z1 genesis are produced in the game.  An example is there is 5 gainsboro total in Z1 Nakamotos   Colts have the larger influence on coat color, and should be accounted for in stud fees.  


The odds on the Play with Zest page are, in my opinion, the most important factor in pricing a horse. The odds history is available in the Zed Run Discord under #racing.  Make sure to not use odds that were before the racing reset on 12/04/20.  You want a horse that has low odds in a class relative to it’s scarcity, but also against good competition.  A buterin with below 8 odds in class IV is valuable, even if their odds are much higher in class III.  Conversly, a nakamoto that has to compete in lower classes may not be the strongest offspring. 

The more familiar you are with the game, the more you will know who you do not like racing.  Compare horses such as Vector Shine, Pinkman, Brutus, Breathless Edge, and Ducky Mallon for a good measuring stick.  My breeding theory concludes that mares have the same performance DNA influence as stallions have on coat color DNA.


An important question is how many offspring does your horse have?  Scarcity is very important to value in Zed Run, whether it be color or DNA.  If a horse you want to buy has 25 offspring, each offspring is less valuable because of supply and demand.  Also, resellers should make the argument to buyers that all DNA is controlled in stable without offspring.  This makes selective breeding important.  Also, you want to view the winning percentages of the offspring and their odds.  


When assessing a bred horse, lineage is crucial in determining value.  If the dame(mother) and sire(father) are strong performing horses, there is a higher likelihood their offspring will do the same.  Again, mares have a larger influence on performance than colts.  Also, stable owners must assess scarcity within the bloodline they’re purchasing from.  How many siblings does the horse have from the sire and dame?  Also, what are the win percentages and odds of these siblings? 


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