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Zed Has a Plan


I think we can all agree that Zed Run is the greatest game we have played, but what are their plans? Not everyone has time to creep on the Discord for hours, so let me give you some highlights. Hopefully we will know their full plan, soon!


First, what is going on with DEZ? Not sure, but there are always theories. I believe the intention was initially to migrate Zed Run to the NEAR Protocol. For whatever reasons, this does not seem likely to come to fruition. The Zest platform is still being developed using NEAR, but this platform will likely be used to in casinos and gambling websites as the morning betting line. Previously, DEZ was associated with the staking of our NFT horses and allowing for free races. I am not convinced this is still the plan. It seems more likely that DEZ is distributed to genesis horse hodlers and then the token is staked on MATIC.


What is a DAO? Well, it is very important and will become more prevalent in the coming years. They are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), but again.. what?? The simplest analogy I have is to think of your DEZ token as a stock in ZED, which allows you a vote in community decisions and plans. Essentially, this would set the game free to the stable owners and DEZ hodlers. We could vote on tournaments, events, plans, etc.


Right now, we have horses. That’s it. Soon, we will be able to purchase NFT racetracks, blankets, and bridles. This will give owners to make more from this game through advertisements and endorsements.


These quotes can be found on on VR Scout (link), and to confirm conjecture… that is laziness.


This is only a taste of what Zed has for us, and I cannot wait to see what is next. More games? Bloodlines? New partnerships? Extra NFTs? Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Zed Has a Plan

  1. First, thanks for all the great posts. Second, assuming Dez is distributed to Genesis holders as you speculate, do you think that puts a premium on value of Genesis horses (above and beyond the premiums for other reasons)? Would there be real value to a holder of Dez (beyond voting if a DAO)? Always nice to hear your thoughts on all things Zed.

    Thanks, Scott

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