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Zed Run Breeding Theory

Breeding Theory

Many new players in the Discord community are asking what the best breeding strategy is. I am here to tell you, we don’t know. The best we have are theories. Some stables are color breeders, some are trying to figure out profiles (The Gazette), and some are just addicted to the scratch ticket. The joy of a griffin race with an inhouse bred horse is the best part of this game.

Value of Mares

Many stables enjoy and prefer colts and stallions in the Zed Run ecosystem. I, on the other hand, am all in on mares. When assessing their value comparative to their male counterparts, you have to ask, where is it? Male horses are typically better performers on the track, and in odds from Zest. Also, they have 7 breeds per month compared to only 2 for mares. For these reasons, I think mares are more valuable in their ability to pass genetic ability.

Zed Run NFT breeding horseracing horses atari

In the color breeding formulas provided by the Zed team, you can see a clearly that the color is heavily influenced by the stallion. Oppositely, mares likely have that same heavy influence on performance genetic inheritance, thusly justifying their value. That is why an unimpressive horse like Cryptonaute (view in Zed) has the ability to breed winning horses consistently, and Breathless Edge has produced a large number of odds duds.


In previous posts, I have discussed horse profiles. This is a theory on how the race algorithm interprets DNA in performance. These profiles are used in breeding to progressively better your horse, and are common practice in genetic algorithms. I do not think that we have found all profiles, and I will discuss this in a future post.

Zed Run NFT breeding horseracing horses atari

This is a typical ring migration strategy used in multi-population genetic algorithms. Again, when we look closely at the color breeding formulas we can see hints of this migration strategy in use. What if we consider there are 7 profiles, similar to color groups, and they are representing different traits within the DNA? We could then combine traits or move through the profiles similar to the colors chart. I have further theory on this that will be explained later.


On my breeding tracking page, I provide an Excel file to track breeding. It is time I give this further explanation. First, this is an example of tracing the lineage of a genesis stallion. He has the ability to breed 7x each breeding cycle, as you can see the next column has 7 boxed mares. Each color represents the same horse within this example breeding strategy. So, we are making twins. But, why?

Zed Run NFT breeding horseracing horses atari


Lastly, we need to talk about inbreeding. The game does tell us no parents or siblings, but grandparents and cousins are within the bounds of limits. If you are creating twins, not only do you have the ability to compare genetic crossover and mutation patterns, but also breeding back into cousin generational lines. Here is the tree for Atar!(view in Zed), and you can see Breathless Edge on both sides. This tree structure is also the same for Pinkman (view in Zed), without inbreeding. This becomes important in protecting the genetic scarcity of your genesis horses. If their DNA is abundant in the marketplace, it naturally loses value and gives competing stables power over your own.

Zed Run NFT breeding horseracing horses atari


In conclusion, we still have a lot to learn about breeding. Where stallions control the scarcity colors, mares control the scarcity of DNA. This justifies their value, and will help the community understand better steps to take in breeding. Sharing what we know, and working together, will accelerate the timeline to breeding better and more consistent horses.

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  1. I have acquired the DNA of 15 Z1 Naks between: Amnesia Z7 Elite Nak Mare, Hermione Granger Z5 Elite Nak Mare, and Celtic God Z10 Exclusive Finney. I’d really appreciate your insight on how to maximize breeding efficiency/combos within my stable. I also have a Z9 Genesis Buterin Colt.

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