Zed Run Horse Profiles

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Zed Run horse profiles are starting to show themselves since the latest algorithm update. The best way for the ZED Community to find the answers to breeding is a public discussion and information sharing. Also, it will save us plenty of money!

The Zed Gazette team is seeing an emerging pattern in the Zed Run horses. Originally we had the idea that P1 would be keys and P3 would be locks and allow for stronger offspring. This theory is not playing out, but we need to continue to work with the data we have. If we know that we have at least 3 profiles, what questions can we ask?

Why are P1 horses more prominent in colts/stallions?
When you breed P2 with a P2 do you have a coin flip?

Why are P3 horses showing up in filly/mares, but also in Szabos?
Can a P2 horse be the bridge between bloodlines?
Should a P1 and P3 more likely breed in bloodlines

What questions do you want to test? Leave a comment below or join us on Discord!

Let’s start the conversation and observe together. Don’t forget to download the free performance tracking excels! We look forward to what we have to discover!

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