Zed Run Breeding Guide


Zed Run is a breeding game with a side of racing. This breeding guide will help stables understand genetic algorithms and how to breed the best racehorse. This is theory and we hope that new stables (and old!) will join us on Discord to discuss or answer questions.

Racing for Fitness

Racing is one way to determine the breeding fitness of a new racehorses. Stables are able to view the odds of their horses at Play with Zest, and should think of them as the underlying breeding fitness of their horses. Currently, the community is still experimenting as a group and attempting to solve the genetic algorithm. Breeding helps to build the community and build ROI for stable owners.

Genetic Algorithms

Genetic algorithms are used all over the world to solve different problems. Crypto kitties is an NFT game that many crypto-enthusiasts are familiar with, and it also used a genetic algo. Each Zed racehorse has a genetic algorithm within it’s DNA that the race algorithm uses for performance. This genetic algorithm is stored within the Ethereum NFT smart contract and passes genetics to the offspring in breeding.

Crossover and Mutation

To begin, there are three common genetic techniques to consider: single, two, and uniform crossovers. Zed Run breeding likely uses uniform crossover and then mutation to make each NFT racehorse unique. Mutation is usually greater in smaller populations. Nakamotos and Szabosonly have a genesis population of 2,00 racehorses, so they will have a higher mutation rate compared to Finneys and Buterins. The higher mutation rate helps the bred racehorses have traits their parents do not. In pervious posts by the Zed Run team, they have commented that Buterins are “easiest” to breed.

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