Zed Run’s Vision $Dez Token Bonding Curve: Part 2


TL;DR: The bonding curve will have an initial funding of $50,000 DAI/ETHER, and the pool contract will be the exchange point. When users “buy” by adding ETHER/DAI/NEAR to the pool they are provided freshly minted $DEZ.

Additional Reading:
Zed Run Vision Paper (please add edits)
ETH-NEAR Rainbow Bridge

With the announcement of the DAI contest, it seems clear that DAI will be important to the Zed Run environment.

The smart contract will act as the exchange by minting or burning $DEZ when a user buys or sells. In this fashion, the pool acts as the gold standard of $DEZ.

courtesy of terrible paint skills

Additional Reading: ETH-NEAR Rainbow Bridge

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